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To know more about our website and if you have any questions regarding placing an order or drop shipping or Payment, browse through the various categories below. We have arrange the support pages in various categories to simplify your search. You can also Quick search for any question on our search Box above.
  About Chinazrh ( 10 Topics )
How to be your distributor 
What voltage and electricity standard do your products use? 
What is the difference between Chinazrh and other online wholesalers? 
What is Chinazrh ? 
  Account Management ( 7 Topics )
I have canceled my account. Can I re-activate it?  
What kinds of services do you offer to account holders?  
How to activate an account?  
Can I have all my information and order history permanently removed from your database?  
Do I have to pay any import tax?  
How do I find out if your products comply with import requirements of my country?  
Will you help me to clear customs?  
Do I have to pay any import tax?  
  Drop-shipping ( 8 Topics )
How to Drop-Ship with Chinazrh?  
Advantage of Drop Shipping  
Drop-Shipping and Warranty/Returns  
What is Drop-shipping?  
  How to make an order ( 13 Topics )
Large Order Quotations  
Do you accept orders with custom-designed products?  
Do you have a minimum or maximum order quantity?  
How to order online - 4 easy steps  
What is your Paypal address?  
How do you assure the quality of your products?  
What is your return policy?  
Do you have transaction limit on different payment methods?  
  Payment ( 18 Topics )
Can I make some down payment + remaining balance?  
Why is my payment refunded?  
Is Shipping Fee Included in the Price?  
What payment methods do you accept?  
How do you choose your vendors or factories? Are they good enough?  
When will you refund me the return shipping cost?  
What is your return policy?  
Do all the products brought from Chinazrh comes under the warranty?  
  Prices and Discount ( 5 Topics )
Show me the wholesale prices!  
How to Get Extra Wholesale Discounts  
Discount Policy  
Viewing Prices in Different Currencies  
  Product Information ( 6 Topics )
What Products Should I Buy? Make a Recommendation for Me!  
What is the Warranty on Chinazrh Products?  
Can you send me a catalogue?  
Do you offer customer logo and packaging design?  
In what situations are returns NOT offered to customers?  
Who pays for returning items?  
When does the 12 month warranty start from?  
Warranty and Returns  
  Shipping and Delivery ( 16 Topics )
Shipping and Delivery from China - The Basics  
Chinazrh Delivery Guarantee  
Shipping Methods  
Tracking Packages  
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