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To know more about our website and if you have any questions regarding placing an order or drop shipping or Payment, browse through the various categories below. We have arrange the support pages in various categories to simplify your search. You can also Quick search for any question on our search Box above.


Drop-Shipping and Warranty/Returns

All our products are covered by a 12-month warranty, for return and repair / replacement.

If you are drop-shipping, any product returns (and all the communications) still have to be handled through you, because you are the Chinazrh customer. In fact it is probably in your interests for the customer not to know about Chinazrh and deal directly with you.

In practice, it is possible for you to discuss any return issue with us, and provide our returns address to your customer. Then they can post a faulty item back to us in China and we can ship the replacement directly to them, without you having to handle any products physically by you. Obviously this is the most suitable solution where your customers are based in different countries.


In terms of customer support and technical support for devices, the responsibility rests with the vendor, i.e. YOU if you are drop-shipping. We will of course provide as much help to you as we can, and with technical questions it may simply be a matter of relaying our information to your customers.

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