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Sales Terms and Conditions

In what situations are returns NOT offered to customers?

Within 30 days after you receive your goods, Chinazrh can accept returns of goods where the buyer / consignee have simply changed his/her mind, or where the goods are not functionally faulty. Chinazrh will also accept return of goods for reasons of product color differences unless the customer clearly indicated color choices in their order comments. But in this condition, shipping fee will not be refundable and you need pay the shipping fee to return the product back. Besides, 20% rein stocking fee will be charged.

Customers are advised to pay attention to megapixel ratings of digital cameras. The important megapixel rating is that of the sensor, not of the higher "interpolated" rating. i.e. the lower number in the item description. Returns cannot be accepted because customers are unaware of this distinction.

The customer is responsible for reading the item description and finding out if the item is compatible with their local standards. e.g. digital TV standards: we will usually cancel orders if we are aware that there is a compatibility issue, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the customer what they choose to order.

Chinazrh does not permit returns where customers / drop-ship consignees simply refuse to pay their import duties or customs charges from their own country.

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