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Shipping and Delivery

Chinazrh Delivery Guarantee

"What if the product does not arrive?"

We guarantee your products will arrive safely in your destination country.

In the unlikely event your package is lost, we will re-send the goods or give you a full refund.

Delivery Failure Scenarios:

The package is lost, broken or stolen before it reaches you.

Chinazrh will re-send the goods or give a full refund. In practice such cases are very rare, perhaps 1 in 5000 shipments, when using courier services.

-  An Air Mail package has not arrived after a long time.

Chinazrh will give a full refund after the delivery deadline has expired. These cases are rare, and if this ever occurs, we will inform you of the delivery deadline for your package, which will be something like 30-60 days. If you are drop-shipping you will be advised to create a new order for your customer in the meantime.

-  A multi-part delivery arrives missing some items or packets.

In such a scenario you must raise the issue immediately with the courier or delivery company. With the correct documentary proof through the courier company reporting process, Chinazrh will re-send the goods or give a refund.

-  Items in the packet arrive in a damaged condition.

In such a scenario you must raise the issue immediately with the courier or delivery company. Provided you follow through the correct reporting process, the goods can be handed back to the courier and Chinazrh will send new goods or give a refund. If you do not immediately follow the reporting procedure of the courier, and thus no adequate documentation is available to prove the goods arrived damaged, we will offer advice on a case-by-case basis about whether you can return the goods to China for replacements or a refund.

Cases Where Chinazrh Does Not Accept Liability

You (or the consignee) must accept delivery of the goods.

-  If the delivery fails because you were not at home or the delivery details were wrong or the recipient fails to accept the goods or the courier cannot reasonably verify the identity of the person attempting to receive the goods or other similar scenarios beyond our control, we will not accept liability and no compensation is provided to the customer.

-  You (or the consignee) are solely responsible for the import of the goods. Therefore in the event of a delivery failure due to you refusing to comply with import requirements, or due to your chosen import paperwork detail, no compensation is available. Example cases include (but are not limited to): you (or the consignee) refusing to pay import tax, duties, or other charges; you (or the consignee) refusing to pay additional levies and fines resulting from the detail of the imported goods such as restricted items, misclassified items, or allegedly under-declared products; you (or the consignee) failing to respond in time to requests for ID, invoices, or other import related paperwork from Customs representatives or the delivery company; any situation where the goods are seized, destroyed, or turned back due to customs your country or import regulations and/or taxes and/or import paperwork.

Note: To ensure successful delivery, particularly of larger shipments, we strongly recommend you personally undertake rigorous research of your local destination laws, regulations, and common practices in relation to imported goods and taxation. For large shipments you should hire a licensed Import Broker.

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